Cassandra Clare posting about her LGTB+ characters

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Cassandra Clare, a very famous author, is posting lots of fanarts of her LGTB+ characters. The 28th of may, she posted a photograph about the exclusive Waterstones editions of The lost book of the white, the second part of The Eldest Curses trylogy, a book that explains a trip that Malec (Magnus and Alec) do together.

The lost book of the white, Waterstones edition.

This month, The red scrolls of magic, the first book in The Eldest Curses trylogy has been the ninth of The New York Times young adult paperback books list. This trylogy’s main characters, Magnus and Alec, are both LGTB+. Magnus Bane is bisexual and Alec Lightwood is gay.

Her first publication has been Anna Lightwood’s fanart, from The last hours. Anna Lightwood is Gabrily’s (Gabriel and Cecily) first daughter. Her brothers are Christopher Lightwood and Alexander Lightwood. She is lesbian, and she lives in the Edwardian London, a time when LGTB+ people weren’t accepted.

Anna Lightwood’s fanart.

Her most recent post has been Diana Wrayburn, from The dark artifices, a trylogy full of LGTB+ people. Ailine and Helen who are lesbians; Mark, Kieran and Christina who is a spoiler to tell what are they, but they are LGTB+; Diana who’s trans; and also Magnus and Alec who apear.

Diana’s fanart.

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